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 Skills and Training

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PostSubject: Skills and Training   Sat Jan 15, 2011 10:41 pm

Hey guys. How do you like to train on Vindictus? Do you prefer a specific level/boss to fight? What skills do you train to make your character the best he can be? This thread can be used to get some advice on how you can train or how you should make your char build.

Personally, I don't really have a preferable level (though I do seem to be playing the Decisive Battle level on the first boat a lot) and when it comes to skills, I have no idea what I'm doing when I level up the skills. XD Overall, I'm just a headless chicken running around the game upgrading random skills and only using the weapons that quests give me. :)
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PostSubject: Re: Skills and Training   Sun Jan 23, 2011 2:26 am

ORLY!?!?... yeah i dont get it either

anyway, leveling in vidi is really easy! Do them sub missions, if its a go out and buy items one then buy from the market.

Do this to about level 21, where you can first start "farming" a raid, the white tyrant!

Always always ALWAYS do sub quests, best EXP!

If you cant, there's boat three's "Blood prince" which is you can solo on hard and season of macha, can get you 30-40k exp

Red Tyrant (a hidden level 38-ish mission) gets you about 30k a Raid, on season.

Blood lord or nightmare is best for higher ups right now.

For skills, you get an endless supply of AP points if you do your daily runs. i upgrade combat things first, then skills, then support. by the time you play the game for a few months, you will max out your skills. Another things to look at is if your gonna be sword or spear (or scythe or hammer for the other classes) so you can put in points as you go


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Skills and Training
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