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 Lol, hey guys

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PostSubject: Lol, hey guys   Mon Jun 25, 2012 8:16 am

So like, whats up? I haven't been on here in ageeeeessss, and I'm looking at all my old posts n shit, and going, OMG did I actually say that? Trolol, anyway, what IS up? G times? How's everyone's schooling going, and the life past that for those of you out of school :P Suxxxxx, I’m no tout yet, second last year :/ failed 5/7 exams xD Drama practical and Physics ftw, y’know what, I was so mad, I meant to do art, drama and dance in year 11 and 12, then found out that art’s workload was too big and it clashed with literature due to their only being one art class, and my school doesn’t offer dance at all. I was like, OhMAIGAWD, what sort of an academical music school is this D:<

So yeah, there’s my rant. I might try and come back here more often, can’t really contribute much, my only internet is my phone and the unit computer, I’m at a super chilled boarding school, but failed rather hard due to some… unwise choices regarding women and fun substances, so my parents took my computer and forced me to attend homework classes for 2 hours after school a day ;,(

Haha, yeah, sup guys xD
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Lol, hey guys
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