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 Graceless Union Backstory

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PostSubject: Graceless Union Backstory   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:43 pm

Humans were here on the planet, but for the most part they were undeveloped in their society's.
They had small tribes and settlements, but that was mainly it.
There was, however, one small kingdom led by a family that was considered to be of nobility that seemed to have the most power and influence over the other societies.
Their leader was known as Janus.
Now, one day, a large light fell from the sky, landing in what was known as Heaven's Wood (later to be called Heaven's Ring).

Then fell another light. And another. And another. A multitude of lights crashed on the surface of Agora, knocking down trees and destroying the areas around.
Janus took a group of his followers to investigate the light at Heaven's Wood, and discovered a large group of strange beings.
They were much taller than the average man, (somewhere between 8 to 12 feet tall) with varying shapes and sizes, though most were in some way humanoid. They all had distinct features. Some had horns or other protrusions, some had claws, some had spires for feet.
Some didn't even stand, but hovered above the ground instead.
But one of the strangest things, was their skin. They appeared to be made of a form of crystal, but it flowed instead of cracked when they moved, and it gave off a warm glow, in a color unique to the individual.

Janus approached the beings, and one of the beings, a figure of pure white with feather-like protrustions made of crystal sticking out from its arms, legs, and even back to give an illusion of wings, stepped forth.
The "leader" of these creatures simply stared at Janus. Janus, nervously, asked the creature what it and its counterparts were, and why they were here.
The leader answered that they were beings of the cosmos, who traveled the Heavens in search of somewhere that gave rise to the worthiest of living things.
And that they wished to see their society, coming in peace.

Yes. They found them...intriguing. Manika were beings who helped form planets and galaxies (though those were the truly God-like ones, creating things) so they wanted to see creation had turned out and who was most deserving of their gifts.
They were also there to stamp out a civilization if deemed an absolute threat.

Janus, in awe, allowed the creatures to see all mankind had created and accomplished. Their leader (called Seraphiol) observed the tribes and their ways for many months, and then onto the larger settlements, and lastly Janus's own small kingdom for a few years.
Nearly all the other Manika watched from a distance, while Seraphiol personally evaluated Janus and his kingdom.
After seeing the capacity for the humans to learn and advance, Seraphiol decided to bestow upon Janus and the people of Agora the gifts of his race.
He, along with the others of his race, gave the people crystals and taught them how to use magic.
The people soon saw them as gods and gave them the name "Manika" meaning "doll" or "statue," for their crystalline and inhuman look, and for the statuettes that they once worshipped as gods.

Seraphiol bestowed another gift.
He gave Janus two massive crystals of dual nature: the crystal of "Light" and the crystal of "Darkness."
Now one was not good and the other evil, but merely manifestations of the world's dual nature.
Seraphiol blessed Janus's bloodline so that only they could properly utilize the crystals. The crystals were meant to keep the world in balance and help him govern over the people. Seraphiol and Janus formed the first Union, so they were the first Union partners.
Other Manika did the same, under permission of Seraphiol, primarily with trustworthy leaders of the humans.

While the years to follow were prosperous, Janus eventually fell.
A conflict arose between the Kingdom of Janus and one of the smaller kingdoms on the rise. this smaller kingdom, led by a man named Orsa Novus, thought to use their own crystals to compete for land with Janus
Janus and Orsa eventually met face to face, and though Janus was a great warrior, Orsa was sly and cunning. When Orsa appeared to have lost, Janus took mercy on him. Using this, Orsa stabbed Janus in the back and killed him.
Seraphiol, who favored Janus heavily, took his soul and released it into the stars, and many believe he crafted it into the form of a Manika so that he might join them in the cosmos.

Now, Janus had two sons. One named Moiran and one named Cimmeros. In retaliation out vengeance for their father, the two sons launched an ambush and nearly obliterated Orsa's army. However, Orsa got away and secluded himself within his kingdom once more
Now that their father Janus, the Crystal King, was dead, Moiran and Cimmeros decided to try and run the kingdom together.
However, the two had vastly different views on how they wanted the country to be run and so realized that this split of power could not work
So the two split the kingdom. Moiran took the southern half of Janus's kingdom and founded the country of Moira, with the capital of Rondo, and Cimmeros took the northern half, calling the country Cimmeria with the capital of Rhapsody. Each brother took one of the dual crystals.
Moira took the Crystal of Light as his cornerstone, and Cimmeria the Crystal of Darkness.
Though saddened by this split, Seraphiol met with both kings on different occasions so as to continue monitoring the progress of his new favorite race.

Now, Janus also had a daughter, named Alana. Alana, unable to choose between her brothers, left to live in a small kingdom just on the border of Moira and Cimmeria and bordering the ocean. There she met the leader and king of this land. A man named Orsa Novus. She at first did not realize that this was the same man
But even after she had found out, he had so won her heart that she could not help but love him. The two married and Alana became queen of the country of Novus.
Alana's brothers were so angered by her betrayal that they refused to trade with Novus, and so the country became isolated.
(of course until they all realized that there was necessary trade that had to take place)
But otherwise, the countries had relatively peaceful relations.

Some of the Manika had developed their own hidden agendas.
They went on to tempt and deceive humans and offer them power that went beyond the bounds that Seraphiol had set for the gifts bestowed.
A number of these Manika turned their attention to a tribe that had become an integral part of Novus.
This tribe was known as the Nocturne Clan.
The Nocturnes were a clan of people with dark features and startling hair and eyes, ranging from dark black to unnatural silvers and blues, eyes from black to grey to lightning blue.
The center of their tribe was located on an isthmus off the coast of the mainland of Novus. The Nocturnes were an influential tribe in the politics and society of Novus.
Some say Orsa was actually a distant relative of the a member of the Nocturnes.

In any case, the less than savory Manika soon contacted the Nocturnes' leader, Atrum Nocturne. They promised Atrum that his clan would rise to power if he accepted the magic of these particular Manika. Atrum, who lusted for power and recognition, accepted.
The Manika taught the Nocturnes how to use magic as well. However through a series of rituals, they also blessed their bloodline so that they might use magic without crystals.
One of the leaders of the Manika was named Daeonil, and his gift on their bloodline allowed the Nocturnes to use the power of Force, which was the ability to create waves of kinetic energy and force fields that acted as barries, as well as move object without touching them.
For years, the Nocturnes and these rogue Manika plotted silently, growing in strength and numbers, working out a plot to throw the continent into chaos and reign over Agora themselves.
Daeonil showed the Nocturnes the blood ritual on how to mix their powers through blood (The Void Strangers would come much later).

Daeonil, outside of Seraphiol's permission, entered a Union with Atrum Nocturne.
Now, the Nocturne's carried out secret operations and infiltrated the respective countries of Moira and Cimmeria, assassinating officials and generating suspicion between the two countries.
Moiran began to suspect his brother was trying to make war with him, and Cimmeros the same with Moiran. So the two brothers did come to war, the countries ensuing one of the largest wars in the history of Agora.
Thousands of people died each day, the conflict lasting over a decade.
All the while the Nocturnes continued to churn discontent and Novus remained neutral.
One day, on an assassination mission to kill king Cimmeros, a member of the nocturne family was caught and interrogated.
He admitted to everything, being manipulated by the Manika and the Nocturne's role
The war between Moira and Cimmeria was put on hold as Seraphiol and the other Manika went to punish the traitor Manika
The battle that ensued was long and ended in a stalemate. Eventually, Seraphiol and the other Manika sealed away the rogue Manika in the earth to be trapped in their Crystal Prisons that held their souls (the only way they could escape was by forming unions.)
These Manika came to be known as the Graceless, for having fallen from Grace.
However, Daeonil, being Unified with Atrum, hid a number of Graceless on the isthmus of the Nocturnes and then used his power to break off the isthmus from the mainland, turning it into and island and then enshrouding it in mist to elude discovery by Seraphiol
However, so drained from the fighting were the graceless that escaped that they withdrew into their crystal shells anyway.
Except for Daeonil. (Some say Daeonil is still around. Some say that he is keeping Atrum's age old body alive on the island, or that he rests with his dead body. It is unconfirmed)

And so the Nocturnes became reviled and unheard from ever since.
While the plot of the Graceless had been exposed, Seraphiol now saw that he had underestimated humankind. For though they had been tricked, he saw that the brothers' own lust for power would have led to war, a war that they let drag on for a decade.
Perhaps even longer had the truth not come out
So, Seraphiol took the Crystal of Light and of Darkness and hid them deep beneath the earth. While he could not advocate the violence of the humans any longer, he allowed them to keep the crystals and technology they had attained out of mercy, in addition to not eradicating them.
So, instead, he took the rest of his Manika companions and said farewell to the humans, and the beings returned to the cosmos, but promised to return one day, if they were needed.
However, Seraphiol left some of his most trusted companions (Ire included) to guard the sealed away Graceless in case they should rise once more.
And mankind needed to defend itself.
The kingdoms of Moira and cimmeria eventually made piece, though over the years there have been plenty of skirmishes (some small wars and conflicts, but nothing to compare to the first).
Today, they are at peace, though it is shaky at best.

Supposedly, Seraphiol and the other Manika created a machine referred to as "The Ark" in legend.
Though its purpose is unknown, some speculate that it's meant to call back the Manika for another golden age, but others think its power may destroy the world once and for all.
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Graceless Union Backstory
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