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 The God King Redone

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Poppy Bill


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PostSubject: The God King Redone   Fri Nov 23, 2012 2:54 pm

In the beginning of our world, Hakama, Lady of Twilight and Harmony, begat three children. The Eldest child would be her daughter, Vaura, the Lady of Dusk and Dawn. The Middle child would be mankind, in which Hakama installed the capacity for great Good, and great Evil.

"Why did she not make them all Good?"

What life would we have if we did not have to struggle for our happiness? What would we learn when we moved from this world to the next? Wouldn’t you rather have a choice, than be forced to do something? And besides…even the Divines are not all Good.

The Youngest of her children would be a defender of man. Chosen by Hakama, he was tasked with upholding peace and harmony throughout the land. When faced with this seemingly impossible task, the man asked his mother: “How shall I do this great task, my Lady? I am but one man, and there are many who are stronger and faster than me.” And Hakama spoke: “It is not by the strength of your arm, or the swiftness of your feet that I choose you. I choose you because of the strength of your will, the speed of your wit, and your relentless determination.” It was then that Hakama showed unto him the Twilight Realm, and named him Protector and Knight of the Twilight. The first of many to come.

It was then that the man began building his keep, a symbol for others to rally around. For many days, he pondered on his task, and would ask the Lady of Harmony for her wisdom.

Now, back then, the world was wrapped in strife and conflict. Mighty Dragons ruled the sky, and the races of Man and Elf fought bloody battles for the land.

"But, if Hakama created Men, who created the Elves?"

Well…it is believed that the mother of the Fey folk was Mori, mother of nature and life. Within her children, she blessed with an innate connection to the world, and granted them the longevity of the oldest of trees.

"Did they hate each other?"

Hakama and Mori? No, of course not, child! Without Mori, we would not have the plants, or the beasts, and life would not be the same, if it could exist at all! And if it weren’t for Hakama, where would our morality be? Who could separate Good from Evil? We’d be no better than the beasts.

Now, back in that early age, the Youngest of Hakama’s children ascended to the throne of Man, becoming the Ancient King to which many of our rulers claim lineage to. He was wise and just, but unafraid to take action in time of need. Likewise, the Queen of the Elves was possessed of great intellect and cunning, and once pitted against each other, the Ancient King and Beautiful Queen could not gain ground without being immediately expelled by opposing forces.
It was during this time that the Divines fragmented. Exceedingly envious of the paradise that the mortal races were given, Geddon, the Lord of Death, Yami, the Master of Night and Fear, Empousa, the Father of Nightstalkers, Hedonism and pain, and Talona, Mistress of Chaos and Entropy, split from their brethren, and invaded our world. Geddon’s embrace brought death and disease to the world. Talona’s touch filled mortal minds with ambition, and her presence cause war and revolution to erupt around her. Yami brought with him the deep night, and cursed the moon, so that once every month, not even the silvery moon could shine. He spoke to mortals and taught them the ancient rites of Necromancy and Shadowmancy. And Empousa birthed unto the world his perversion of man that walked during the night, drinking the blood of the living.

But the Ancient King of Man and the Beautiful Queen of the Elves stood strong. Unable to fight solely by themselves, the King and Queen united under an uneasy truce, and together waged a long and bloody campaign against the Divines. And while many lives were lost, they succeeded, and drove the Fallen into the darkest of pits.

With the world safe, the Divines appeared before the rulers. Assured that the mortal races were inherently Good things, the gods granted them the world, and departed. Oh, but they are not at all gone. They are ever watchful of their children, and sometimes, their presence can still be felt.

"What became of the King and Queen?"

Ha! Well, even the fiercest of foes can become the fastest of friends, in time. The King and Queen eventually married, and bore three children, who would be the first of the Half Elven race. Like their father (and eventually their mother), they too would one day walk among the Twilight, ever vigilant of those who would seek to destroy Good and upset peace. They would one day become the Twilight Knights.
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PostSubject: Re: The God King Redone   Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:44 pm

Interesting! So you're touching up The God King? Can't wait to see how it turns out! :D
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The God King Redone
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