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 Graceless Union Creation Myth (as written by Arata)

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PostSubject: Graceless Union Creation Myth (as written by Arata)   Sat Feb 23, 2013 12:26 pm

In the beginning there was nothing but a vast emptiness, a great Void. For time immeasurable, before time even came into being, the Void remained empty. However, it's very nature demanded that it be filled. And purely out of this nature, it was, by a tiny speck of light.
In time, this small speck of light grew and grew, until it reached massive size. The globe of light that sat alone in the Void was a great Shell, a giant egg. At one moment in this timeless space, the Shell cracked and cracked, until it burst open.
Out of the Shell emerged the Nameless One, for he had no thoughts yet, no identity. In his emergence, the fragments of the light shell scattered in all directions, fixating themselves in countless places, creating the stars. The Void was brighter.
Soon, thoughts manifested within the Nameless One, and its amorphous presence gave shape to a being indescribable, its appearance lost to mortal sight. It had no gender, but referred to itself as "he" all the same.
The Nameless One manifested arms and legs, which he used to stretch himself after his sleep within the Shell.

The Nameless One, to create an image for himself, drew in the fragments of his Shell, and his form manifested from their light. He manifested arms and legs, stretching himself after his sleep. As he did so, his hands and feet left a trail of fine mist of sparkling light that contained the lights of the stars.
Soon, the Nameless One developed the sense that he was alone, and so was lonely. So, from the stardust came from his body, that made his flesh, he fashioned small replicas of himself, crafting them with his mighty hands. Each was a different version of himself, and though each was him, each looked different. Each idol made in his image represented a different facet of his nature, which was the nature of all things in the universe. Every emotion, every principle or concept, each embodied this, yet embodied him at the same time, for he was the ultimate source.
The bodies of these replicas was coalesced by the stardust into a brilliant crystal. The Nameless One stepped back from his first creations and was satisfied. Then, a name for himself was created. He became known as Manu, which means "Hand," the part of himself which he used to fashion his first children.
And each of these children received great power from Manu, based upon the facet of his omnipotence they embodied. They came to be known collectively as Manika, which means "Soul of Manu," or "The Great Hand's Soul."
*Souls of Manu
Manu, wishing to make more, took more of his own stardust flesh to fashion many worlds. He took his bones to create mountains, his primordial blood to form oceans. His hot breath created fire upon earth and lightning in the sky, and his crystal tears made rain.
He asked his Manika to assist him in creating these worlds, and so groups of his children set to helping him form and perfect these worlds.
But something was incomplete. The worlds Manu had fashioned from himself were all empty. The Manika would not fill them, for they desired to be close to their father.
So Manu created countless races of creatures each in their own world, their own dimension of existence that took shape below Manu. Each had shape, emotion, thought, but each eventually fell into chaos and disorder, and Manu tasked his Manika with eliminating the worlds that went against Manu's principles of existence.
Eventually nearly all of Manu's worlds fell. Those that remained were either empty or silent, for Manu had not yet given these races knowledge or feeling for fear of their own undoing. Manu was distraught, but he held onto one last hope.

He fashioned one more world, using a piece of each part of his body. He severed his hand into stardust, later fashioning himself a new one. His severed hand landed upon the world below and split into fragments, forming a new race. Into each individual, he took a small fragment of his heart and placed it inside, giving them soul's like his own.
He called this raced Human, which means "New Hand" or "New Manu," for he wished them to be a microcosm of creators, like himself.
Not wishing to see the last race that he put himself into fall to ruin, he set the task of overseeing it to the first of the Manika he had created, Seraphiol, who governed the principle of balance and purity.
Seraphiol, and the second Manika of Manu, Daeonil, who governed the principles of change, power, and ambition, both set to this world to watch over its people, returning from a distance during its ages to observe their progress.
Manu turned away from the world to let Seraphiol and Daeonil care for it, and as he distanced himself, he set about creating other worlds, disappearing into the great Void.
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Graceless Union Creation Myth (as written by Arata)
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