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 A Light in the Dark

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PostSubject: A Light in the Dark   Sat Nov 30, 2013 1:25 am

Light in the Dark


Deep beneath the land of Faebala exists a world rarely glimpsed by the people of the surface. It is a land eclipsed in eternal darkness, where even the Morning Star’s brightest rays cannot penetrate. It is a land of blackest night, filled with an assortment of beautiful, but deadly creatures, where every day is a fight for survival. Among the various stalkers in this realm stands one particular breed of predator: the Drow. There is no other creature that possesses such grace alongside such deep hatred of all else. Perhaps at one time, they reveled in the frivolities shared by their surface dwelling kin. But in the millennia that followed their exile from Faebala, any kinship they once shared has dissipated. These Dark Elves have evolved into something harsh. Something hateful.
As the years passed, the Drow began to cultivate the stone and build cities in the dark. It’s not known exactly when, but somehow, somewhere in the crushing depths, the Dark Elves found a new god. One who swore vengeance against the surface and the gods that had abandoned them. She was Aranea, the Spider Queen. Under Her direction, the Dark Elves began to spin their own webs of deception, intrigue and murder until even this became engrained within their society.
Deep beneath the land of Faebala exists a land and a people so feared by the surface that few are willing to speak of it.
This is the Underdark.
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A Light in the Dark
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